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Elevate your skills.

J.A.D.E. Consulting's Empowerment Series 2021 helps you elevate your skills personally and professionally. Watch the sessions below to learn how you fit within the larger conversation of diversity, inclusion and equity. While your organization or company may be talking about diversity, inclusion and equity, this conversation starts at the individual level. Hear from J.A.D.E. Consulting's Lori Sutton and other business experts about how you can achieve new levels of success in your career while creating diverse, inclusive and equitable communities.

When you watch the series below, you'll learn about the power of diversity, inclusion and equity in the areas of mentorship, career planning, entrepreneurship and balancing your aspirations through work-life harmony.


Additionally, you'll learn how our revolutionary approach OPENS the door for you to be more successful individually and improve organizational effectiveness. In fact, we debuted our OPENS Framework, which stands for Origination, Progression, Engagement, Navigation and Sustainability, at the Empowerment Series 2021.

Watch all of the Empowerment Series 2021 sessions for free below.

Session 1: Launching a Business

Have you ever thought about starting a business but you're not sure where to start? Do you currently own a business but want to take it to the next level? Watch Lori's conversation with four successful entrepreneurs about how they've grown their businesses and the steps you can to take to launch, grow and protect yours.


Session 1 Panelists:


Lisa Sebree

Vice President

Sebree Consulting


James Sutton

Broker Associate

F.C. Tucker Emge Realtors


Diane Brown

Owner and Operator

Brown’s Elite Hair Salon and Sugar Babies Daycare


John Brown

Owner and Operator

Brown’s Elite Hair Salon and Sugar Babies Daycare

Session 2: Planning Your Career

A career comes in all forms and can range from frontline to executive levels. However, you get to define what your career looks like. Watch Lori's conversation with three highly-effective leaders who have grown their personal and professional skillsets while progressing into higher positions and gaining experience in multiple industries.

Session 2 Panelists:


Dana Hines, PhD, RN

Chief Nurse Consultant


 Health Resources and Services Administration

Reese Hamilton, MBA, MSM

Senior Purchasing Manager

Shoe Carnival, Inc.

Sandra Sears, MSM, Ed.D

Title I Senior Coordinator

Indianapolis Public Schools;

Adjunct Professor

Indiana Wesleyan University

Session 3: Maintaining Work-Life Harmony

Are you looking for a way to maintain a healthy balance when it comes to your career, family, friends and personal time? Watch Lori's conversation with three powerful women using proven techniques, tools and resources to achieve balance in their lives.

Session 3 Panelists:


Cedalia Ellis, MSW, LSW

Clinical Manager, Therapist and Diagnostic Assessor

Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare Inc.


Melissa Morehead Moore

Certified Life Coach

Melissa Morehead - YOUR Fear Fighter Coach


Jordan Beach, MSW, LSW

School Social Worker

Youth First Inc.

Session 4: Finding a Career Coach/Mentor: A Real Story in Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Many have asked Lori why she started her business and what is behind her passion. In this session, Lori shares her story, discusses current events and explains how her previous consultant turned into her diversity and inclusion career coach and mentor.

Session 4 Panelists:


Peter Trevor Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

TWI, Inc. and Human Equity Solutions


Lori Sutton, CDE

Chief Executive Officer

J.A.D.E. Consulting

Need a mentor? Sign up to work with Lori.

Lori has successfully climbed the corporate ladder and launched a business. Hire Lori as your mentor or coach to help you achieve your career and business goals.

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